Diet and Exercise Study for Hispanic/Latino Men
At The Lundquist Institute at Harbor-UCLA, we are investigating the relationship between diet, exercise, and the health of sperm cells.

It is well known that an unhealthy diet and no physical activity in young men and women are major contributors to later-life development of obesity and health problems including heart disease and diabetes. Our research study involves Hispanic/Latino men between the ages of 18 and 40 years. We are looking for two types of Latino men – those that are of a healthy weight and lead an active lifestyle (meaning they exercise) and those that are overweight and are not active (meaning they do not exercise). Our research study will look to see if diet alone, exercise alone, or a combination of both diet and exercise changes gene expression (the way the body reacts genetically) to create “healthy” sperm. To be eligible for this study you will need to have Mexican or Central American ancestry through both of your parents. ID Number: NCT04175678
Lean Participants
If you are a healthy and active male and choose to take part in this study, you will be in the study for about 1 month during which you will come to the research site 4 times.

Fitness and nutritional testing will be completed during visits. This will include:
  • Activity monitoring.
  • DEXA scan to assess body composition: body fat, muscle mass, and bone density. 
  • VO2 Max and Max Power Testing
  • Nutritional Assessment 
  • General and Sperm Health Evaluation
Overweight Participants
If you are currently overweight and inactive, you will be in this study for about 1 year. During the trial you will come to the research site 13 times. Visits will include:
  • Activity monitoring.
  • DEXA scan to assess body composition: body fat, muscle mass, and bone density. 
  • VO2 Max and Max Power Testing
  • Nutritional Assessment 
  • General and Sperm Health Evaluation
You will be randomly assigned to one of four groups for a period of 3 months during the trial:
Group 1: You make no changes to your diet and exercise. 
Group 2: You follow a low-fat and low-calorie diet. The meals will be provided to you free of charge by the study center.
Group 3: You take part in an exercise training program 3 times each week. Each exercise training session will last 45-60 minutes and will be done with a licensed personal trainer.
Group 4: You follow a low fat and low-calorie diet and take part in an exercise training program 3 times each week.
Appointments will take place weekdays mornings at The Lundquist Institute at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, CA. Participants will have to undergo medical testing and physical examinations, including providing blood and semen samples. Some participants will be given low-fat meals, exercise training, or both. Weekday morning availability is necessary. 

The length of the study for overweight participants, including follow-up, is ~1 year. The screening and treatment phases of the trial will last about 4 months. The length of the study for normal-weight participants is 4-5 weeks.

Because the study involves evaluating sperm and genes, you will have to provide blood and semen samples during the study. You will have to collect the semen samples at the study site in a private room. You will also have to wear an activity tracker around your waist for 7 consecutive days removing it only to shower/bathe. You will perform an exercise test on a stationary bicycle to see how your heart and lungs respond to exercise.

There are risks related to this study that include, but are not limited to, exposure to radiation from a scan done to determine how much muscle and fat mass you have, risks related to drawing blood, and injury or muscle soreness from exercise training.
We're looking for healthy men in the Los Angles area to participate. Eligible participants must be:
  • Male volunteers in good health (no serious ongoing medical issues).
  • 18 to 40 years of age at the time of the enrollment visit.
  • Participants must be Hispanic/Latino (in order to qualify both parents must have Mexican or Central American ancestry). 
  • Lean participants must have Body Mass Index of less than 25.
  • Overweight participants have Body Mass Index of greater than 30.  
You will be compensated for the time spent taking part in this study. If you are in the lean group, you can receive up to $300, and if you are in the overweight group, you can receive between $900 and $1280 - depending on the intervention group you are assigned.

All exercise testing, training, and nutritional supplementation will be done at no cost to the participant. 
Sign Up
To sign up please contact the study coordinator:
Michael Massone - Clinical Coordinator at The Lundquist Institute
     (310) 341-9323 (call or text)
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